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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter Break coming to a Close

It seems that I haven't made anywhere near the progress that I intended to over the course of winter break. I've done some reading of a friends book, but in my own work I have done practically next to nothing. I doubt that this coming semester will fair much better. I'm going to be busy with all of the coursework I'm going to have. Math books are mad crazy expensive, for those of you who don't know. I added up the cost of my books and it comes out to roughly $650. It's one of those expenses in college that you just don't think about until the next semester is actually upon you. I've set this site as my homepage, so perhaps that will encourage me to post here more often and keep updating things. One of the other projects that I want to be doing for Fateless is to redo the map by hand. I think it would look a lot better that way. Paint is a limited program and I haven't the artistic talent nor the patience to make the map look decent on there. Once I have that done I'll replace the map that I have on here, and perhaps make more detailed maps for each of the countries, perhaps outlining provinces or geographic regions as necessary.