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Friday, July 2, 2010

****Disclaimer type thing****

I was recently given a warning from a particular cousin of mine who is a bit more experienced in basically life in general. So I'd like to include in this blog what she told me. Self-publishing is not a good way to get a book out into the world as it is nearly impossible to get a retailer to market it for you. Publishing houses are vital to writers because of all the connections they have in the industry. She also directed me to a website that will help you to determine the legitimacy of these "vanity publishers." Head over to to take a look at their extensive list of publishers, self-publishers, and editors. Given this listing....I have abandoned my quest to create a list of self-publishing companies and their prices, as this is already a pretty good source for finding what you need. I'll also include this link at the bottom of my page from now on.