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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Not dead yet...but far from immortal

I am still not dead yet, but I think this blog was on the verge of it. I have still been working quite a bit, but not as much as I should be. Writing the book has taken backseat for a little while, since the semester has started again. Even so I will continue to write regardless of what may get in the way. I need to finish the book soon otherwise a may go absolutely insane. As of yet though there is still a great deal of work to do. There is now a finalized version of the Oath of Elorea though...I think I have covered all of the major aspects of their society in a succinct set of lines that reads quite well. Here follows the Oath of Elorea:

I vow to die unto myself. In this way I may live.

Ever shall I be a harbinger of hope, in all adversity.

For those in want, I shall be provider.
For those in illness, I shall bare them health.
For those in weakness, I shall wield my strength.

Ever shall I be the adversary of evil, in all its forms.

The cruel, I am to meet with courage.
The greedy, I am to meet with wisdom.
The wicked, I am to meet with justice.

Ever shall I be caretaker of the land, in all conditions.

Where the soil is dead, I shall work to enliven it.
Where the water is fouled, I shall work to cleanse it.
Where evil has tainted the land, I shall revive its sanctity.

These things I vow and I know them well. They are in my heart.
My blood is for this cause, all the days of my life.
If ever I stray from this birthright, so too shall I lose my inheritance,
And I shall wear the stain of my blood.
So that all will see that I have betrayed this righteous cause.

It actually came out pretty good, and is better than the 'Creed' I had them using before. It's not actually included in the book yet, but I am going to try to work it in at the beginning, perhaps carved into a placard above Gaelen's door. If you want the full effect read it aloud, the words come out rather powerfully I find...