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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Oath of Elorea

I have managed to slip the Oath into the book in a point where it seems to fit quite well. I think it adds to some characterization, and because of who recites it, adds new layers to the meaning of the words. I think it is actually a rather powerful scene now, with multiple angles on the Oath coming into play at once. I think I should probably add bits and pieces of the Oath at different points in the story. They will play a central role in Gaelen's motivations, and this must be made clear. He doesn't demonstrate this enough as of yet. They words of the Oath will be very significant to his psyche, and should be how he copes with the horrors of war, as well as how he must justify his actions, whether foolish or morally ambiguous. I'd also like him to have a certain fixation on a particular line: The wicked, I am to meet with justice. This line in particular should resonate with him, in his fixation on the warrior like aspect of Elorean society. This summer I should have more free-time than previously, so I should have plenty of opportunity to edit further on my writing. I will also try practicing some java and perhaps a few other languages over the summer. I will try to have some means of making more frequent updates here as well.

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