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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The semester is over!

The school year is finally over and I should actually be getting around to writing more in The Elorean. As of the moment I haven't made much progress this summer. It's been so long I've had to reintroduce myself to it. Well that's a lie really, and it's not like anyone reads this so I don't have to lie. My girlfriend broke up with me, but we agreed to "keep it on the down-low" for the time being. Despite this we are still moving into an apartment together. I would have to say that this has actually triggered a major depression in me. I am lethargic, irritable, unmotivated and generally in poor spirits, to put it mildly. I have gotten a shit job at a local store so that I can pay rent for the both of us, since she does not as of yet have a job. I feel I owe her that since she has done the same for me in the past. Nonetheless it does not exactly settle easily on my mind. Nothing does. I want to write in my book, and the semester has been over for more than a week. I have done nothing with it, and this depression is really only a few days old. I should have started sooner. Then I might have actually been invested in writing this summer rather than wallowing in my own piteousness. It's not like I expect that this post is going to help. It's just something to distract me from actually being productive. No one reads this shit, so I'm just here wasting my time as a means of avoiding what I should be doing. What the fuck ever. It's not like I'll publish the book and anyone will come here anyway. Yeah bullshit, I've wasted enough time here. I guess I'll just go to sleep, or stare at the ceiling.

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